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Health Insurance

Prices starts from Ksh 23,568/=


  • Oversees treatment
  • Worldwide emergency cover
  • Access to all major hospitals
  • HIV and cancer cover
  • Consultation, medication and lab tests

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    SMES – Small Micro-Enterprises

    This is health insurance specifically designed for small businesses with groups of 3 and above employees.

    The cover insures members from the age of 0-84years depending on the insurance company. The benefits are comprehensive taking care of both in and outpatient services, maternity, oversees referral, dental and optical, preexisting and chronic conditions benefits, evacuation for both road and air with a wide range of health care providers.

    Advantages of SME cover

    • oversees treatment

    • discounted rates

      wider panel of medical providers

    • no copayments

    • access to specialists

    • affordable rates

    • benefits are tailor made

    • Covers preexisting and chronic conditions


    • Radiology (MRI, CT)
    • Dental & Optical
    • Pre & Post Natal.
    • General  Consultation.
    • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy Physiotherapy.
    • Nutritional Services.


    • Maternity Services
    • Reconstructive Surgery.
    • Organ Transplant
    • Hospitalization & post-hospitalization discharge medication.
    • Rehabilitation.
    • International Emergency cover (while travelling).

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